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Audi Servicing – Looking for a company to provide expert Audi servicing? Want a reliable, affordable garage? Look no further than GCS Engineering, the South of England’s leading German car specialists. We are the number one Audi servicing garage, providing expert yet affordable servicing for all models. Whether you are looking for a contract for regular Audi servicing on your company cars, or want specialist Audi servicing for your family saloon, we service all requirements.

Our Horsham garage is fully equipped with latest vehicle tuning, diagnostic and testing equipment, as well the best Audi replacement parts. We understand better than most, the complex and precision engineering in your Audi, and more importantly, how to ensure it stays at its best. Regular servicing also has massive benefits should you wish to sell your vehicle, increasing the value when serviced by a specialist mechanic. We have established ourselves as the leading providers of Audi servicing, offering our customers a practical and personal service they are happy to recommend. We ensure there are never nasty surprises at GCS, as we never charge for work you don’t need and our mechanics work at a fixed hourly labour rate. For more information on our leading Audi servicing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly office team.

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